Rocco di Torrepadula e Scarnato

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Rocco di Torrepadula e Scarnato

Law Firm

About Us
Our concept of the legal profession

The law firm, established in 1986 by lawyer Francesco Rocco di Torrepadula, has always specialised in Labour Law and Social Security Law. Our associates provide enterprises with with legal consulting and services in these areas,including litigation management and non-litigation consulting.


We handle every matter with team spirit, because we believe that top quality services require strong cooperation.


We never lose sight of client needs, and we make significant investments in the people who are part of our work group.


Perseverance, an ongoing direct relationship with our clients, and attention to detail are a reflection of our concept of the legal profession.

Our areas of expertise

Social Security Law

We offer legal services in relationships with insurance and social security entities (INPS, INAIL, Inarcassa etc.) and the Ministry of Labour.

Labour Law

We offer legal services and consulting for all labour-related matters.